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Are We There Yet?

It’s the end of summer, so as the summer travels ends you might think you will have a break from hearing  "Are we there yet?".  But, as fall approaches and businesses turn their attention to the....


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Published In Over 200 News Outlets

Marissa Mayer Didn’t Kill Yahoo!, A Good Investment Did.


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Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Ready to take the next step?


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Strategy Boost™ has Lift-Off!

We just created an exciting ‘lift-off’ for one of our clients with our new program Strategy Boost™ and I’m so excited to share what I witnessed. By using just two Strategic Focus tools in this....


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3 Pitfalls of the DIY Approach to Strategy Development

Making a decision to engage a professional to help develop your strategy may seem like a lavish investment, yet here are some common pitfalls to avoid with the do-it-yourself approach.


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We Just Make Pants!

Do you ever find yourself taking your work too seriously?  Have you gone out for a drink with a colleague and started talking shop only to be appalled at the sound of outrage in your voices? Maybe....


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Don’t Unwind Your Good Work

How do you ensure that your great plan doesn’t unwind during implementation?


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Who's on First? What a lack of role clarity looks like.

Who’s on first? Dunno. Third base.

I love this classic vaudeville routine from Abbot and Costello.  If you have not seen it, watch it and enjoy laughing until you tear up.

But imagine how....


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You are right, it is hard! 

About a year ago, I turned my fantastic planning tools and techniques to my business.  I had long ago used the strategic thinking tools on my consulting practice to better understand my unique....


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Get Ready for Disruption (in philanthropy).

Recently, Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook fame) launched his philanthropic foundation, the Parker Foundation with a $600 million gift. With its introduction, he published a message to his....


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