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Shockingly, 80 – 85% of strategic planning efforts are deemed a failure by the executives who lead them.


Charting a new strategic direction can be fraught with peril.

The weight of the organization seemingly hangs in the balance. Everyone has an opinion and wants to be “in the room” to influence these important discussions. Yet, few responsible for leading their organization’s strategic planning efforts are prepared for the challenge.

Leadership teams excel at problem-solving, operational management, and business development. We excel at strategic planning.

Our expertise will discover and leverage your organization’s strategic thinking to produce your next brilliant strategic plan.

Our clients not only deemed our planning efforts a success; they usually achieve their goals a year ahead of plan!


Since 1999, we have been working to build brilliant plans that guide organizations through their next stage of growth and to higher levels of performance against their strategic goals. Our clients include companies and non-profit organizations ready to take this next step in their evolution.

Different Approach - Different Results

Commercial and Non-profit Sectors?

Yes, our strategic planning approach works for commercial, for-profit enterprises as well as non-profit organizations.

The language we use varies slightly between the two sectors, but the principles for developing strategy are the same.

We believe bringing rigor and pragmatism from the for-profit perspective strengthens planning in our non-profit engagements. Conversely, we know that infusing planning projects with purpose and shared commitment, so essential to the non-profit sector, enhances the strategic thinking of our commercial client teams, ultimately enhancing their strategic plan and its implementation.

Client Stories

Our Consulting SERVICES

We offer three levels of Strategy Consulting Services

Build a Strategic Plan

For organizations with many stakeholder groups or one ready to define their next evolution with their team fully committed.

For a new leader who wants to start their new role by building a plan with everyone on board.

Our Strategy Summit® custom-designed strategic planning engagement produces a strategic plan to guide planning and decision-making for years to come.

Strategy Summit Process Flows for web

Align Strategic Thinking

For teams that don't need a full strategic plan but need professional assistance in aligning their priorities to a common set of goals.

For larger organizations rolling out a new strategic direction or plan. This workshop approach provides departmental leaders with the support they need to align their teams to corporate goals. 

Our Strategy Boost™ workshops leverage our extensive strategy development toolkit to customize the perfect strategic thinking session.

Strategy Boost workshop project flow for web

Strategy Implementation 

Creating the plan is just the start. 

We offer a number of implementation support services to our clients preparing to implement their new strategic direction. These services aid our clients to successfully integrate their plan’s new goals and ways of thinking into their operations.


Strategic Plan Implementation Support

NEW to Strategic Planning?

We got you covered.

Check out What is Strategic Planning? to answer many of your questions.


Our Clients

We have provided a visual reference of the types of entities we work with. This is a partial list of our clients.
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