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Strategy Boost™ has Lift-Off!

Strategy Boost™ has Lift-Off!

We just created an exciting ‘lift-off’ for one of our clients with our new program Strategy Boost™ and I’m so excited to share what I witnessed. By using just two Strategic Focus tools in this one-day workshop (Market Mapping and Target Audience Bulls-eye), we were able to isolate our client’s a unique role in their market and define a unifying view of their primary, secondary and tertiary audiences creating immediate clarity for enhancing their program offering, marketing and messaging and partners.

To give you a sense of what a difference one day can make, take a look at the comments made at the start and at the end of this one-day Strategy Boost™ workshop.

Expressed in graphic illustration (done in real time as part of the meeting facilitation)

8:30 AM

 Boost Expectations

4:15 PM

Boost Closing


Expressed in bullet point format for easy reading:

8:30 AM 4:15 PM


  • Understand & CLARIFY our Vision
  • Bring together our 2 audiences
  • So all of us SAY the SAME THING
  • Clear and Consistent
  • Have a CLEAR PATH to achieving our mission
  • CLARITY and concensus
  • ROADMAP: How we’ll make this happen
  • This is key to help us ENGAGE the BOARD
  • Want to have effect on the local level
  • How is MY ROLE connected to ACHIEVING our MISSION
  • I want to help people go forward
  • Have a PLAN in PLACE when we’re done that we ALL AGREE ON
  • Find a way to DIFFERENTIATE us in the marketplace
  • I am excited to LEARN MORE


  • APPRECIATE all you’ve put in GOOD
  • Really helpful to CLARIFY
  • As a BOARD we need to STEP UP to the PLATE
  • This process put color and direction around it.
  • Thank you for the GOLDEN FUTURE
  • Valuable to get perspective of the board members
  • Excited to have a more FOCUSED & CLEAR PATH.
  • Excited to go out and tell our story
  • Great to have the Board and Staff in the room together.
  • Tremendous! I learned a lot and feel motivated and excited. (ditto, ditto)
  • There is a lot to build from
  •  Thank you for taking this leap of faith!
  • Now, the real work begins: we have a long climb, but we can do it!


Strategy Boost™ was created to bring real insights to teams quickly with a highly engaging and productive workshop format.  This streamlined approach to strategy development is now available to a greater number of companies, non-profits, and teams. We know that not everyone needs, or can invest in, the in-depth strategy development engagements of our other offerings like Strategy Summit™, but almost everyone can use a lift in their strategy development. Now, with a one-day Strategy Boost™ workshop, you can get the assistance you need to launch planning and your growth.

Learn more about how Strategy Boost™ can help your organization. http://www.focusedmomentum.com/services/strategy-boost/

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