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"Theory is great, but I need something that works!"

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Wouldn't it be great if what you learned led to practical insights that made a difference?

Strategy Class® provides access to the same honed tools and techniques we have developed from over 20 years of strategy consulting. 





Who is your training designed for?

Our training is designed for anyone who is seeking practical and well-honed strategic thinking, planning, and management tools and techniques that will enhance their career, business, or leadership goals.



Entrepreneurs or leaders within an organization


in their own firm or internal to an organization


teams or peer groups
Our training provides individuals and teams with proven tools and techniques to enhance strategic thinking capabilities, strengthen how to lead strategic planning efforts and align management disciplines to accelerate performance against strategic goals.

Benefits of our training

Our training produces higher confidence in participating in strategic thinking and leading strategic planning efforts. This results in higher levels of productivity and accelerated performance - for you, your team, or, if you are in a consulting role, for your clients.


What topics does your training cover?


Strategic Thinking

Learn to think broadly and set the required context to build a great plan or make a high-stake decision.


Strategic Planning

Learn to lead powerful planning efforts that engage stakeholders, stimulate great thinking, and produce winning plans.


Strategic Management

Learn to set and maintain a leadership agenda required to drive the successful execution of your plans.
Cecilia is a master strategic thinker, but I was surprised and delighted to learn a number of really valuable tips to make my consulting practice more successful
Tricia M
Interim CMO
I have been thinking about our afternoon on Thursday and didn’t know exactly how to thank you. It was just fabulous to be able to “talk out loud” and then have you magically put it into a format and process that made total sense. How do you do it? I have a lot more to think about and I am truly grateful for the time we had. Thank you.
Karen C
Wow, wow, wow. I feel so much more confident to discuss what I can do with current and new partners after completing Strategy Class®. Thank you so much.
Julie G
As an entrepreneur working to get my ideas off the ground, Strategy Class® tools were thought-provoking. They helped me create my plan. Other templates on the web just help you organize your plan; they don’t help you create one.
Beth G
Market Focus was a great way for me to confirm what I know about my target audience and ensure that I’m keeping my eye on the ball. As an entrepreneur, working on your market strategy isn’t a “one-and-done.” You need to keep up the practice like any skill. The online Market Focus course is engaging, to the point, and best of all, you can take it at your own pace.
Maya T
I have a better command of strategic planning “language”.
Kara W.
This course shifted my view of my role as a consultant. It shifted it from delivering a solution to guiding my clients to their solution, really meeting them where they are and still delivering a strategic plan.
Tricia M.
Interim Chief Marketing Officer
I think what people should know and realize is that it's... They will come out of the program with a very solid set of tools to be able to use the methodology. It's not esoteric in the universe. It's a toolkit, really, to help them lead a strategic effort in a successful way. I can see that there is an elevated level of success that will come from using Cecilia's method.
Julie D
Partner, Consulting Firm
What I love about this methodology is that it is grounded in business disciplines. Having worked with executives, I can see how the approach and the language satisfy their need for a plan that yields results.
Shawn M.
Culture & Change Management Consultant

How can I access your training?

We offer training for all preferences: 100% online, hybrid with in-person training sessions and online course materials as well as in-person workshops. 

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Distance Learning

From self-paced, online courses to live virtual workshops and 1:1 coaching, our distance learning opportunities can serve your needs no matter where you are.


In-Person Learning

Transform the way you think, plan, and lead in a corporate on-site or public workshop. 



Help your entire team

learn these skills.


We can customize a training program or workshop to fit your team or organization’s specific needs.

Contact us to learn more.