We develop your strategic thinking into a winning strategic plan.

Engage all your stakeholders.

Strategy Summit® is a custom in-depth strategic planning process fully-facilitated by company founder, Cecilia Lynch. Ideal for C-Level leadership, corporations and large non-profits who seek multi-stakeholder collaboration in the creation of a unified organization vision, direction and plan.

Expert Strategy Facilitation

Strategy Boost is an immediate infusion of clarity and direction into your strategic planning process. Stop trying to facilitate the thinking and participate in the discussion. Bring in our expertise in facilitating complex strategy discussion to quickly give your planning a LIFT.

Learn Strategic Thinking

Strategy Class® is a program designed to make strategic thinking accessible to anyone. Perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who seek clarity to business priorities, increased productivity in executing plans, and greater confidence on where and how to lead your business.

What Clients Say ...

As a business leader, you need focused momentum. You need the ability to focus on the things that will catapult you forward. That is why I can easily recommend Cecilia and her team; they deliver on their brand; They provide Focused Momentum®.

Our founder has a strategic mind, but he seems to operate from his gut. It is hard for him to translate how he thinks into a business plan. Working with the Focused Momentum, we could get those great ideas out of his head and build a plan that the entire team could implement.

Other consultants don’t have any entrepreneurial experience, and at times it seemed like they really didn’t understand the business we were in. I connected with Cecilia immediately because she is a business person. She knows what it is like to think broadly and act quickly. There really no one else like her.

Many organizations will do short-term strategic planning; they have a plan for three years and then see where they are before defining what to focus on next. We wanted a very powerful, bold vision to guide our mission into the future, and we are indeed much stronger and more sustainable because we took the longer view.

It is the combination of knowing her profession and the ease and speed with which she can understand your organization and where the issues are that sets Cecilia and her firm apart.

The #1 reason it is so easy to recommend Focused Momentum or refer people to Cecilia is the unique ability to see the big picture very rapidly, get to the heart of the organization, and understand what is needed from a strategic leadership perspective.

Focused Momentum uses incredibly engaging techniques, like graphic recording, so that it is a pleasure to do such challenging work.

Cecilia has a special gift for strategic thinking. She is extremely professional; she gets very involved in the organization and is always fun to work with. People enjoy working with her because she brings energy and fun to her work. After working with her, anyone else would have a high bar to meet.

As my career has evolved, I have brought Focused Momentum along. In my last three organizations, she has helped me establish a common vision and a clear path forward with each new team.

Focused Momentum has helped me make order out of chaos so that I could lead.

Focused Momentum's approach - the antidote to poor execution.

“Too often brilliant strategy never gets past intention. Activating strategy by aligning the organization in implementation is where the game is won.”

– Cecilia Lynch, Founder of Focused Momentum

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