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The Focused Momentum team is led by Cecilia Lynch. Ms. Lynch is a seasoned strategist, management consultant, and the leading authority on strategic thinking.

With over 20 years of experience, Cecilia’s firm has led numerous strategic planning efforts for companies and scores of non-profit organizations. Focused Momentum has built a reputation for delivering regardless of the planning challenge and for providing its clients with a foundation of strategic thinking to guide decision-making for years to come. Cecilia and her team enjoy their work and always strive to make developing strategy engaging, rewarding, and the most productive meetings their clients have all year.

Cecilia was recognized early in her career for her unique approach to strategic leadership. As a young executive of the wildly successful brand Dockers®, she revolutionized the planning process of this $800-million-dollar brand by starting with an analysis of the industry BEFORE looking at the sales projections. Incredibly this was a new way to plan and launched what has become her outside-in approach to planning.

Now, after over two decades, Cecilia is sharing her unique way of developing strategy and engaging stakeholders in planning in Strategy Class®, a training platform to teach the tools, techniques, and practices of strategic planning, strategic thinking, and strategic management.


Emily Shepard

Graphic Facilitator, Illustrator, and Teacher with Over 20 Years of Experience

She is passionate about using the power of visuals to help people clarify and align their thinking, collaborate effectively, and create change.

Her clients include large multinational corporations, start-ups, non-profits, foundations, and the government. Emily has helped groups think better at board retreats, conferences, and sessions involving strategic visioning, innovation, and stakeholder alignment.

She has taught visual thinking workshops at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, Stanford University's School of Business, and California College of the Art's dMBA program, as well as at various consulting firms, public agencies, and local public school districts.

E Shepard

Julie Gieseke

Graphic Facilitator, Consultant, Author, Teacher, and Performer

With over 20 years of experience, Julie is an extraordinary process designer and creative thinker who designs experiences that get people out of their usual ways of thinking.

She works with organizations of all sizes to draw real-time group conversations, creating mural-sized visual maps as part of strategic planning, team development, and learning. Her designs engage interactions sensitive to both introverts and extroverts, which stimulate new knowledge from one another.

Julie is a presence in the room - virtual or otherwise - who settles a group in their own complexities so the important pieces rise to the surface.

J Gieseke

J Israel Greene (Israel)

Professional Speaker, Certified Diversity Executive, and Leadership Trainer and Coach

Israel has held a variety of leadership positions in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500, including serving as a Global Director for one of the industry's fast-growing E-commerce Consulting firms, leading cross-functional teams distributed across North America and Europe.

His background, knowledge, and leadership experience make him a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and coach. As a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) candidate, he is extremely passionate about helping leaders transform their company culture by fostering a diverse landscape, creating equitable opportunities, and promoting inclusion so they can become the organization they have always imagined.

Israel is also a Focused Momentum Certified Strategist.

J I Greene

Tricia Montgomery


Tricia has repeatedly helped companies accelerate revenue growth through brand transformation, innovative product launches, and successful go-to-market strategies.

In 2018, Tricia decided to chart a new course and do the same work she loves now independently. As an executive advisor and outsourced CMO, she fills a critical gap on an executive team, providing leadership and action on customer insights and brand/marketing strategy.

She holds an MBA with a Marketing concentration from The University of Cincinnati in Ohio and a BA in Psychology from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.

Tricia is also a Focused Momentum Certified Strategist.

T Montgomery(1)

Kai Wilson

Certified Facilitator and Consultant

Kai's passion is in bringing together his broad functional 30 years of expertise to coach, mentor, and build the capacity of non-profit leaders and the organizations they serve. His experience working in the non-profit sector spans roles in administration, finance, strategic and operational planning, fundraising, and support of complex collaborative efforts. As a consultant, Kai serves as an Interim Executive Director, guides organizations through strategic planning efforts, and offers board training and executive coaching. 

He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah. Certifications include Effective Facilitator from Leadership Strategies and Nonprofit Board Consulting from BoardSource. He has served on the Board of the Utah Nonprofits Association, as treasurer of Utah Philanthropy Day, and has sat on numerous grant review panels for the State of Utah and United Way.

Kai is also a Focused Momentum Certified Strategist.

K Wilson

Debbie Gisonni

Over Two Decades of Leadership Positions in Both Corporate and NonProfit Organizations

Ms. Gisonni has led business, marketing and operations across a broad range of industries including trade publishing, high tech, health and wellness, education and hospitality. Her strength is in assessing an organization's structure, vision, positioning and people, and determining their sweet spot for future growth and sustainability. She has the ability to transform complex challenges into laser-focused strategy, concise internal and external communication and improved leadership. In her corporate career, Debbie has led $50 million dollar business units assuming full P&L responsibility. 

She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, and is certified in Integrative Health & Life Coaching and Board Education.

D Gisonni(1)

Heather Nitch

Writer, Operations Specialist, and Project Manager

She began her career in marketing, where she supported businesses with outreach and customer service. These experiences led Heather into the world of online business, where she became adept at the operational functions of virtual business and effective project management.

Heather is passionate and detailed in providing support that facilitates business growth and effective leadership on all projects she supports. 

H Nitch

Alexis Watson

Educator, Instructional Designer, and Project Consultant

She began her career in education, supporting new schools with enrollment and community engagement. That experience propelled Alexis into the world of education in many capacities, from Teach for America corps member to academic director for a group of charter schools.  

Alexis became passionate about developing others through clear models, reflection, and opportunities to practice. 

A Watson

The Principles that Guide Our Work

We believe that those working in the organization have the insights, desire, and commitment necessary to build their next great strategic plan, but they lack the skills and experience to do it on their own. 

This is where we come in.

Our consulting approach is built on listening for, distilling, and packaging strategic thinking wherever and whenever it shows up.  This means that the plan we help our clients produce is rich with the insights shared during it and created from the deeply held beliefs that will make it a reality.



Our proprietary process is designed to discover and make use of the threads of strategic thinking we hear from those engaged in the planning process. We know great strategic thinking is in the hearts and minds of those working in the business, and it is our job is to design a planning process that taps into this thinking.

“We know there are “hidden strategists” in every organization, and we seek them out, listen closely to what they have to say, and then find ways to shine a light on this thinking for planning discussions.” - Cecilia Lynch, Chief Strategist and Founder, Focused Momentum LLC.

We Listen no words


We are experts at extracting and leveraging strategic insights in a group setting. We use a wide variety of strategy development methods to guide a group through fast-paced and productive meetings covering more ground than they could have imagined. Our planning engagements strike a balance between unstructured open discussions and structured exercises, ultimately producing a plan rich in participant insights and deeply held beliefs.

“The fees our clients pay us is not the most significant investment in their planning effort. We are acutely aware that their biggest investment is in the time taken by every individual attending the group planning sessions. So, we design each session to optimize this investment and produce results far beyond expectations.”

We Distill no words


Strategic planning is very different from the primary processes groups use to make decisions; problem-solving. Where problem-solving is typically linear - identify the problem, explore and evaluate solutions, decide on the best alternative, and then get into action - strategic planning should disrupt thinking and create a space for new ideas to emerge. The strategic planning process suspends decision-making (and action) to more deeply explore the space between where you are today and where you ultimately want to be before finalizing a plan.

For many accustomed to problem-solving, the process of engaging in strategic planning seems chaotic, confusing, and unproductive. And it could be if you did not have a way to document and summarize your insights throughout the strategy development process. We have solved this by creating our strategy planning template system.

We Package no words



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