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Enthusiasm: A Vital Element in Strategic Thinking.

Strategy development is the most creative work leadership teams get to do together; rather it should be. All too often poorly facilitated planning efforts become chaotic or worse, boring. Strategic....


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Maintaining the Status Quo – NOT (usually) the Best Strategy.

As a strategist, I am continually evaluating the options and alternatives to plot the best course ahead. The “do nothing” alternative is always a possibility, but if you or a team realizes the need....


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Multitasking – NOT the Best Strategy

Multitasking is often a skill identified with a highly productive person, yet today our use of technology has pushed multitasking to ridiculous levels. As you know, it has gotten so bad that we’ve....


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Strategic Direction: Step 3 of your epic strategy

A great strategy is a great story. Based on the story of the hero’s journey, in my first article,3 Essential Elements to Epic Strategy,I introduced how to transform a good business plan into a....


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3 essential elements of epic strategy

A great strategy is a great story.  And, like all great stories, there are classic elements which, when expertly crafted, evolve a good plan into a great strategy.


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3 Strategies for Business Growth - Use Your Business Plan

A business plan is typically the starting line for a business venture. Once the business is up and running and the business model is working well, it often gets filed away, permanently. Financial....


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The Big Squeeze - Competitive Market Pressures from all sides

The Strategic Dilemma:

An industry leader contacted us to bring a fresh approach to their strategy planning process. In recent years, their long run as the industry leader was under attack from all....


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Strategy Boost™ has Lift-Off!

We just created an exciting ‘lift-off’ for one of our clients with our new program Strategy Boost™ and I’m so excited to share what I witnessed. By using just two Strategic Focus tools in this....


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