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Are Tacticians an Obstacle in Strategy Development?

Tacticians are those brilliant folks on your team that know how to get things done. They are not typically the ones that come up with the new ideas, but they are the ones that can give you....


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How Can You Use Entrepreneurial Vision in Your NEW Strategic-Plan?

I live in San Francisco, so let me use a hometown illustration to answer this great question.

We are well known for our sourdough bread. This type of bread is yeast based. One of the most famous....


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3 Steps to Minimize Negativity During Strategy Development.

You cannot eliminate negativity in the workplace nor can you stop people from griping. Today, with horrible social media behavior rewarded, it can be even harder to maintain a positive narrative. ....


The wage war has begun. So, what can YOU do about it?

By the end of January, some three dozen US companies had announced new employee bonuses, hourly wage increases or other modifications in their compensation programs attributed to the 2018 tax cut.....


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What outcomes can I expect from Strategic Planning?

Your strategic planning project should result in greater clarity, confidence, and productivity

The strategic planning process should result in greater alignment and deeper understanding of common ....


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What are the steps in strategic planning?

Strategic Planning requires a different thinking mindset than the mindset required for managing.  We call the thinking needed for strategy development Strategic Thinking.  To facilitate this....


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You will be RETHINKING your strategic plan this year.

The one thing I am sure of for 2018 is you will need to rethink your strategic plan. This new tax law is a game changer.


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How to Drive Strategic Performance (without a strategic plan)

I love the Fall.  The seasons are change and we start thinking about the holidays.  Right, well maybe for most of us, but for those managing a business While that is true for most, there are....


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Are you sure you are on the right path? Step 4 in Fostering Strategic Thinking

The aim of a strategic thinking process is to add value to your business so that you maximize your resources and create competitive advantage now and in the future. But great thinking doesn’t just....


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Are your habits limiting strategic thinking? Step 3 to Foster Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking aimsto add value to your business, maximize your resources and act as a catalyst for positive change. It doesn’t just automatically happen. Organizations must actively work to....


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