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Is your glass half empty or half full?

This last year was an ambitious year for Focused Momentum®.  We celebrated our 20th year in business. We expanded our content and programs and also worked with a bunch of new folks on their strategic plans.

Yet, as the year drew to a close, I felt defeated. I wanted to do so much more!

I scheduled a call with one of my most trusted advisers to talk about how the year went and what I was going to do differently in 2020. After listening to my pathetic rambling for about 10 minutes, she said flatly, "You always say this."

I shut up. What? How could she say that?

She went on, "You always feel that you could have done more, better, and you are worried that if you don't change something for the next year, you will fail."

I started to laugh; she was right. I am hard on myself and I do always think I could do more and better. I do constantly strive to improve what and how we produce our content and engage our clients AND I am sure I am not the only one that does this.

After the call, I took another look at my business. This time rather than focusing on what we didn’t do, I took an inventory of what we did.

We did a ton! I had not ticked every box in the plan, but we made great strides over the prior years and, from this perspective I could see our progress.

Many of us focus only on the gap between goals and results without seeing (and valuing) progress and the hard work dedicated to achieving what was accomplish — sort of a glass-half-empty mindset.

As you start the year, be more realistic in your goal setting and more comprehensive in your evaluation of progress as you strive to hit or exceed your goals. Give praise and thanks for the efforts made even when you are still passionate about doing more!

Happy New Year.

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CECILIA LYNCH, Author, Founder and Chief Strategist


As the leading authority on strategic thinking, Cecilia Lynch is the founder and chief strategist at Focused Momentum® and creator of Strategy Class®. Her first book, “Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking” a groundbreaking work that demystifies the overwhelming task of beginning strategy development.  READ MORE...

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