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What are the steps in strategic planning?

Strategic Planning requires a different thinking mindset than the mindset required for managing.  We call the thinking needed for strategy development Strategic Thinking.  To facilitate this mindset shift, the strategic planning process is designed to disrupt the typical linear process often use in problem-solving.

The Strategic Planning Model shows the approach to design this process:

1.  Start with a comprehensive analysis of WHERE YOU ARE NOW: Your Strategic Assessment.
2. Then, leave today behind and leap to the future (usually 10 – 15 years out) and define WHERE YOU WANT TO BE in that future period. This is your Vision and Future Business Model.
3. After defining the gap, you can begin to close it with HOW TO GET THERE: Your Strategic Direction or high-level Strategy.

By designing a non-linear (disrupted) process, you work to open up new thinking. This then mitigates against incremental planning that sets many organizations to fall behind their market.

LEARN how to transform your plan into epic strategy using these three steps and classic storytelling.

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