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2 min read

Is NOW the Right Time for Strategic Planning?

There is no specific hard and fast rule about exactly how often you should conduct strategic planning. However, with ever-shortening life-cycles, and what feel like every changing assumptions, executives are feeling the pressure to think...

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Em illustrating on tablet

1 min read

One Concise Visual Can Capture Your Whole Strategy

This week we have a guest post from my long-time collaborator and master graphic recorder and illustrator, Emily Shepard.

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strategic planning failing you00002

2 min read

10 Signs Your Strategic Planning is Failing you

Like a great journey, charting a company’s new direction can be filled with risk. Adding to a management team’s challenging is that strategic...

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corporate vs business vs functional strategy

3 min read

Corporate strategy business strategy functional strategy; why so many?

Why are there so many types of strategy, and how do you keep them all connected? This is a really important question as planning happens all the time...

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