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Are You A Good Storyteller?

There is so much data analysis and information sifting during strategic planning processes, we can forget that to gain momentum for execution our great strategic plan.  For a plan to be well....


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Do You Have The Grit To Lead Into The Future?

3 Indications that you don’t have the grit to lead your company to a new level of performance.  Developing a new idea or a new direction for your business is never a sure thing.  If it is a sure....


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Go Slow To Go Fast

I recently received a survey from my son’s school principal.  There was a brief email asking everyone to complete a survey: a list of 20 plus questions.  I started reading through the questions,....


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Should you tear up your new plan? No, lead strategy implementation.

You put so much effort into your beautiful new strategic direction.  It is well crafted; you were able to effectively engage multiple stakeholder groups in the process; great issues were raised....


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Are You Patient Enough To Lead Your Strategy Implementation?

Were you impatient as a child?  Give me, Give Me, GIVE ME!  As a child we are all pretty impatient. But we grew up and we mellowed and learned (to varying degrees) patience.  So why are managers....


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3 Indications your Strategic Planning is NOT strategic

Recently I was talking with a client about the new company she was working in and her concern that the strategic planning process at her new company was not strategic enough. I concurred with her....


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Bright Shining Objects are Distractors in Business Planning



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