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What outcomes can I expect from Strategic Planning?

Your strategic planning project should result in greater clarity, confidence, and productivity

The strategic planning process should result in greater alignment and deeper understanding of common priorities. At a minimum, the project should produce the following:

  1. A summary of the status quo: your performance historically, your performance against your market and competitive set, the status of the key drivers of today’s business model.
  2. A summary of the beliefs about the future and the key strategic issues/questions to be addressed for future success.
  3. A clear vision of future success inclusive of your desired impact or mission statement.
  4. The core strategies that you will use to achieve your vision.
  5. Your strategic direction (path defined by milestones) you will execute to progress from today to the vision.
  6. Clear near-term next steps to begin implementation and to provide the ability to track the progress in the new direction.
In addition to these products and outcomes, the value gained when teams hire a strategic planning expert is the ablity to participate rather than lead the process.

A highly efficient, professionally designed and well executed strategic planning process that allows you and your team to fully participate in strategic thinking, ultimately producing a better strategic plan.

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