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Multitasking – NOT the Best Strategy

Multitasking is often a skill identified with a highly productive person, yet today our use of technology has pushed multitasking to ridiculous levels. As you know, it has gotten so bad that we’ve....


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Actively Promote New Strategic Thinking for it to Serve You

When developing and implementing strategy you are in the business of change, fighting against the inertia of the status quo. Even the most brilliant plan won’t prevail against the forces of the....


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My 80/20 Rule for strategic goals won't overload your capacity

You are most likely familiar with a Pareto Principle which states that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes; this is the traditional 80/20 rule so frequently referred.....


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Has Your Strategic Plan put the Big Rocks in First?

Last week I wrote a post on creating a strategic thinking discipline to accommodate the ever-changing environments we all live and work in today: Is Your Strategic Thinking Multifaceted or Unfocused?....


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Is Your Strategic Thinking Multifaceted or Unfocused?

Change is today’s normal. As individuals are daily routines are besieged by new tools and methods to purchase, communicate and coordinate. Although many of us choose to opt out of many of these....


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