Strategy Summit™


Custom Strategic Planning

Strategy Summit™ is a fully customized, in-depth strategic planning engagement. Each phase is designed and facilitated by the Focused Momentum® core team providing full access to all the Focused Momentum’s® planning tools, techniques, and experience. This program unites all stakeholders to create a common vision for the future and defines a comprehensive strategic direction to achieve success.

How does it work?

We co-design the best possible strategic planning process to address your specific planning needs.  This includes a complete Strategic Assessment (inclusive of stakeholder engagement, market analysis, and evaluation of current business model performance), a 2-3 day Strategy Creation session (up to 40 participants), a 2-3 month Strategy Development process culminating with a 1-2 day Strategy Integration session.

What we deliver.

A new Strategic Plan to guide decision-making and detailed planning. A shared long-range Vision of Success. Clear Core Strategies you will need to consistently execute to deliver on this vision and Strategic Milestones that mark the evolution you will make over time. A 12-18 month implementation plan to align implementation of the first strategic milestone. Documentation on strategic development process using Focused Momentum® templates.

We make strategy possible – start planning for your future today