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Strategy Summit™



Strategy Summit™ is a fully customized, in-depth strategic planning program. Each phase is designed and facilitated by the Focused Momentum® core team providing full access to all the Focused Momentum’s® planning tools, technique and experience. This program unites all stakeholders to create a common vision for the future and define a comprehensive strategic direction to achieve success.


A comprehensive strategic planning process to include all of the following: a complete Strategic Assessment inclusive of stakeholder engagement, market analysis, and current business model performance, a 2-3 day Strategy Creation session (up to 40 participants), a 2-3 month Strategy Development process culminating with a 1-2 day Strategy Integration session.


A new or updated Strategic Plan, with a shared long-range vision on success (out 10-15 years), clarification of the core strategies you will need to consistently execute to deliver on this vision and 3 strategic milestones that mark the evolution you will make over time and finally a 12-18 month implementation plan to align implementation of the first strategic milestone. Documentation on strategic development process using Focused Momentum® templates.

Strengthen Your Strategic Leadership

What’s our vision and how do we get there?  

This is the fundamental question leadership is constantly challenged to address.

We guide you through strategic thinking to transform your insights into accelerated performance and aligned action.

Organization-wide Strategy Development

We are your guide as your organization creates a clear, comprehensive, long-range vision and strategic direction to take your organization to its next level of success. We include all groups, teams and individuals necessary to ensure your entire organization and stakeholder groups on board!

Unit or Department Planning

Develop a vision and strategic direction for your unit or department that will deliver on or surpass goals and expectations.

Business Plans

We craft your strategy and develop a comprehensive business plans so your next new idea turns into tangible results.

Brand Strategy

Create a comprehensive strategy and plan to build brand equity and win preference with your customers.

Contingency Planning

Increase your confidence in proceeding ahead with our help in scenario or contingency planning.

Invigorate Your Leadership Momentum

After decades of helping commercial and nonprofit entities develop and execute their strategic plan, we know new directions are not easy to implement. We can help!

Organizational Design/Structure

We help review your structure with an eye to the competencies needed to deliver on your future business model. We show you when and where to add new competencies and restructure existing ones to align your resources to your strategic goals.

Role Clarity (Departmental and Individual)

Individuals and departments need to shift their focus to deliver on new priorities. Our Role Clarity process guides your team through priority setting to establish a common understanding of who will drive new initiatives and how to still maintain focus on core performance.

Planning and Management Disciplines

To stay both vision driven and market responsive, planning and management practices need to include strategy development. We help you modify your practices to balance execution of strategies and integration of emerging priorities.

Team Effectiveness

The best way to create a strong team is to do great work … together. We strongly encourage evaluation of your team performance early in the implementation phase. We guide you through the process of addressing any weakness in team effectiveness before you depend on each other to drive performance at a new level.

New Product/Program Development and Integration

We assist our clients to develop their best and brightest new concepts and support deliberate integration into existing priorities.  With our strategy development processes, new programs can thrive and have higher probability of producing results.

We make strategy possible – start preparing for your next strategy discussion.


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