Strategy Boost™



Strategy Boost™ is expert facilitation for your next important meeting. You can fully participate in the discussion AND be sure the meeting’s objectives are met. We bring our vast experience facilitating complex strategy development to your next group planning retreat, annual board meeting or high stakes decision-making session.


Strategy Boost™ includes access to all the same tools and techniques used for a comprehensive strategic planning engagement (Strategy Summit™) but paired down for a more limited scope engagement. The Focused Momentum team meets with you to evaluate your needs and design a custom session (typically one-day) to meet these needs.


Each Strategy Boost™ engagement includes assistance in preparing participants for the session, coordinating logistic and site preparations, speaker prep support, meeting facilitation and graphic recording (if desired) as well as full documentation of the session and a debrief to clarify next steps.


Strategy Boost™ brings facilitation expertise to your planning and managing efforts. We focus on providing clarity, confidence, and productivity to all of our clients.  By leveraging our well-honed tools and techniques to facilitate your next important group session you significantly increase the success of your meeting.  With Focused Momentum’s Strategy Boost™ you get:

  1. Professional Session Design and Management: clear objectives and clear processes to achieve them.
  2. Full Participation in the Discussions: you are freed from process management to devote your full attention to the topics under discussion.
  3. The Conversations You Need to Have: we have facilitated complicated and sometimes passionate discussions with groups for over 20 years. If a topic comes up that was unplanned, yet important to address, we will flex and facilitate its exploration and resolution quickly and productively.
  4. Our External Point of View: both in the design and in the debrief we will provide you with the insights and opinions from our experience on how to best engage your group and how to follow up on issues that arise from the session.

After more than two decades helping Fortune 500’s and national non-profits, Cecilia Lynch, Founder and Principal for Focused Momentum® has created a way for any group or team to have access to professional facilitation for their important meetings. Like Strategy Summit™, Strategy Boost™ sessions are tailored to your needs and delivered typically in a one-day format to quickly focus your strategic thinking, strategy development or decision-making on any high priority topic.

A Strategy Boost™ session can prepare you to confidently address important questions such as:

  •  Do we have a common view of our priorities?
  •  Do we all see our market opportunities in the same way?
  •  Do we know how to align our resources to create impact in the near term?
  •  Are there things we all agree need reduced effort or possibly that we could eliminate?
  •  What are the new allies or partnerships we need to build to stay ahead of the competition?
  •  How will we stay unified and focused on our next stage of growth?

We make strategy possible – start preparing for your next strategy development