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We develop your strategic thinking into a winning strategic plan.

develop strategic thiniking

Learn Strategic Thinking

Strategy Class™ is a program designed to make strategic thinking accessible to anyone. Perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who seek clarity to business priorities, increased productivity to executing plans, and greater confidence on where and how to lead your business.

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Expert Strategy Facilitation

Strategy Boost™ is an immediate infusion of clarity and direction into your strategic planning process. Stop trying to facilitate the thinking and participate in the discussion. Bring in our expertise in facilitating complex strategy discussion to quickly give your planning a LIFT.

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strategic planning custom consulting

Engage all your stakeholders.

Strategy Summit™ is a custom in-depth strategic planning process fully-facilitated by company founder, Cecilia Lynch. Ideal for C-Level leadership, corporations and large non-profits who seek multi-stakeholder collaboration in the creation of a unified organization vision, direction and plan.

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Focused Momentum's approach - the antidote to poor execution.


“Too often brilliant strategy never gets past intention. Activating strategy by aligning the organization in implementation is where the game is won.”

– Cecilia Lynch, Founder of Focused Momentum


What our Clients are Saying...

"Great strategic framework! Cecilia has the best strategic mind I have ever worked with."

"Cecilia brought tremendous expertise that she’d gained from other similar, and dis-similar assignments. She was quick to understand the nature of the assignment, to break it into manageable parts, and to give it better direction, purpose, and output. She added value in ways that we didn’t even anticipate when we first contacted her.

"I give a lot of credit to you and your program to help us transform from a mom and pop, to a focused and results generating organization."

"Working with you has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I was so impressed at how you kept us on track and continued to challenge our thought process without shutting things down. Emily is amazing as well, so talented and able to take all of that “speak” and illustrate it in a way that is clear and concise. It is clear why you are so successful."

"Focused Momentum took this assignment on short notice and in mid-stream, and Cecilia and her team excelled. I can’t even imagine the ways in which anyone could have done better in this assignment. Maybe Wonder Woman, but short of a super-hero, I’ll take Cecilia."

We make strategy possible – start planning for your future today