Virtual Planning Essentials

Download our guide to combat virtual meeting burnout and stimulate strategic thinking.

Pandemic or not, planning must proceed. While we are rapidly becoming well acquainted with the technology to connect virtually, you may be missing the core techniques and tools that will make a virtual meeting into a virtual planning "off-site."

Those that figure out how to engage the creativity and talent of their now remote team will make greater progress than those that are stuck in crisis management.

Our new Virtual Planning Essentials include recommendations on how to:

  1. Fully use the VM tool set available to enhance participation and engagement.
  2. Design and prepare for planning in the virtual meeting format that will stimulate, distill, and package strategy thinking.
  3. Add a graphic facilitator to your team to humanize a remote meeting to unleash creativity of your next virtual planning meeting.

Developing your team's strategic thinking is more critical than ever.

Grab your copy now, and plan to hit the ground running and speed ahead as soon as conditions favor it.

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