Full Day Intensive Workshop 

Demystify Strategic Thinking

Develop your thinking and propel your with this fast-paced, business planning workshop facilitated by the author and chief strategist, Cecilia Lynch.
This intensive one-day Strategic Focus program will teach you how to:
  • Clarify your current strategic thinking
  • Identify opportunities and deficiencies in that status
  • Define the impact and possible influences to future success
  • Recognize risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Outline your thinking on how to best address for greater future success


Based on the Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking,


Strategic Focus Book Bundle

Cecilia will guide you through the four core elements that shift your thinking to a strategic thinking mindset.

Your registration includes the Entrepreneur's Strategic Focus bundle: the book: Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking and the Entrepreneur's and Small Business Owner's Workbook.