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STRATEGIC FOCUS: The Art of Strategic Thinking

This your first step to creating strategic thinking with clarity and confidence.

My book demystifies how to think strategically and helps you take advantage of decades of experience crafting winning strategies with our outside-in approach.

LEARN the four core strategy thinking models large companies use to develop their thinking into growth strategies.

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Strategic Focus Book

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Strategic Focus for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners


Workbook to accompany Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Includes all Strategic Focus exercises PLUS a Business Plan Outline and recommendations on how to use your new strategic thinking to take the next big leap!

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With this bundle of both the book and workbook you can build a brilliant new plan to accelerate your growth.

Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking book to help you distill your strategic thinking and intensify your strategic focus AND the workbook that includes all Strategic Focus exercises PLUS a Business Plan Outline.

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PS. I’ve learned that there are many amazing undiscovered or underdeveloped pearls of strategic thought in all organizations. It’s time to get more of your “pearls of strategy” harvested. As a leader or someone who is passionate about your company’s future success, you need to engage as many stakeholders as possible to harvest these “pearls of strategy” for your planning.

Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking will prepare your thinking to engage multiple stakeholders with confidence!

About Cecilia Lynch

As the leading authority on outside-in strategic focus, Cecilia Lynch, is the founder and chief consultant at Focused Momentum®, creator of Strategy Class® and author of “Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking” a groundbreaking work that demystifies the overwhelming task of developing a strategic perspective with an external, market-place focus and the first book in a series of three. Look for book two “Leadership Momentum: Breakthrough to Success” and book three “Brand Strategy: Lead Brand Development” in the coming months.

She is a seasoned strategist and management consultant that for over two decades has consulted with corporations and non-profits alike where she shows them how to organize their planning to develop their own unique perspective on their market. She resides in San Francisco with her son and dog Amber.

"I’ve learned more from Cecilia than from many other business experts and gurus. Whether you’re just starting out in a leadership role or a longtime executive, you’ll find tremendous value in reading Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking. I love the way she has taken the tools and exercises she has used with me and my team and packaged them for anyone to use. Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking is filled with simple steps you can put to use immediately. If you are want to engage in brilliant planning with your team, this book is a must-read! With Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking, Cecilia has demonstrated how to think more strategically and provided a great service for those of us in leadership positions that rarely provide the time we need to prepare and package our thoughts.. If you are serious about wanting to shape your entity’s long-term success read this book and apply what you learn. You will discover a whole new level of success."

Dr. Nigella Hillgarth, / (former) President & CEO, New England Aquarium

"This book is a definite must-read for people running a small business, for people that need to get back to the basics of their business or for anyone that wants to learn the basics of how to think about their business development strategy in a more comprehensive way. Cecilia cuts through the fluff and gets down to the details of how to craft your thinking to really excel. Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking eliminates excuses and provides real tools and exercises to get you moving on an excellent plan for growth. She explains it so well, you just know you can do it too!"

Laurie Wood, / Vice President of Business Development – medical software field

"Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking will introduce you to a unique approach to your strategic planning and help you discover just how you can think about your market to break through new strategic direction. Cecilia writes about thinking through the foundational elements of strategy in such a simple way that the insights you gain will make a profound difference in your planning. If you’re ready to make a commitment to make something great happen, Cecilia Lynch’s book, Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking, is a great place to start."

Catey DeBalko, / Vice President of Marketing, CPP Inc.

"As a serial entrepreneur, I am always looking to make a business out of an idea. The tools and exercises Cecilia has provided in Strategic Focus: The Art of Strategic Thinking have been invaluable to me in vetting my ideas before I jump in to bring them to life. The critical steps she shows in her book have helped me invest wisely and of even more value to me — walk away from an idea that wasn’t going to work. Where was this book 25 years ago when I started my career? It would have saved me from some costly missteps."

Gary Belk, President, / Urban Focus Real Estate

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