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Focused Momentum® works with leaders and leadership groups to strengthen their organization’s ability to succeed. We start with creating Strategic Focus at the leadership team level and then work with the leadership team to engage the entire organization in this strategic focus so that true Leadership Momentum is created. The success of our practice is based on our ability to develop a strong partnership with our clients. We leverage our extensive experience in strategy development, management, and planning to deploy the best processes to address any number of strategic challenges facing today’s organizations, including:

  • Dealing with dynamic market conditions to build a stronger brand
  • Attaining focus and alignment after a leadership change
  • Developing and executing strategies for merged or acquired companies
  • Supporting sustainable growth through the development and adoption of core planning and management tools
  • Integrating deliberate and emergent strategies to effectively compete today and in the future

The value that Focused Momentum® brings is not in the planning and strategy development alone, but in the details of the execution as well. Our philosophy is best summed up by this guiding principle: “Too often brilliant strategy never gets past intention. Activating strategy by aligning the organization in implementation is where the game is won.”