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Are You Patient Enough To Lead Your Strategy Implementation?

Were you impatient as a child?  Give me, Give Me, GIVE ME! 

As a child, we are all pretty impatient. But we grew up. We mellowed, and we learned (to varying degrees) patience.  So why are managers....


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4 Elements at the Core of Your Business Model

You understand your business model right?  Of course you do.  Today the phrase “Business Model” is over used and has a variety of meanings so, although you understand your business model, I bet....


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3 Indications your Strategic Planning is NOT strategic

Recently I was talking with a client about the new company she was working in and her concern that the strategic planning process at her new company was not strategic enough. I concurred with her....


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Bright Shining Objects are Distractors in Business Planning



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Consulting Speak doesn't make us sound smarter.

This is one my pet peeves: using abbreviations or acronyms.


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It takes just one question to focus your life

 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to this post. 


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