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Consulting Speak doesn't make us sound smarter.

This is one my pet peeves: using abbreviations or acronyms.

What's your guess? What is the question being posed here?  I had to select the article and read the first paragraph just to satisfy my curiosity.

This happens far too often in strategy conversations, I or others use terms in an attempt to position our knowledge and expertise.  In truth the result is exactly the opposite.  Those we are attempting to engage are confused and a bit frustrated with our jargon.  Thus, the widely used phase "consultant speak".  I try to watch this closely, but I am sure I fall in to this pattern more often than I would like.  My rule is if I can use words my twelve year old uses (he does have a pretty impressive vocabulary) to convey my points I am doing pretty well.

Curious too?  Here is the translation.  Is the consumer packaged goods industry on the cusp (yep, not an acronym) of direct to consumer?  Tricky huh?

As you engage in strategy discussions, watch the jargon and acronyms!  The goal is always to engage the talent in the room!

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CECILIA LYNCH, Author, Founder and Chief Strategist


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